Make: Baldan
Model: SHB-E
Code: 2300, 2600 & 3000


13″ narrow transport double disc seeder designed for over sowing pasture and planting small areas of cereal crops. Not ideal for hard compacted soils.

Quality bearing system.

Drive wheels sit behind machine.

CAT II TPL hitch.

170mm row spacing.

Pasture box included.

OPTIONAL: cast closing wheel with mud scraper spring loaded.

13 rows has a sowing width of 2.2m, box capacity of 616lt.

15 rows has a sowing width of 2.55m, box capacity of 711lt.

17 rows has a sowing width of 2.9m, box capacity of 819lt.


Rows: 13 rows, 15 rows or 17 rows
Working Width: 2.2m, 2.55m or 2.9m
Disc Spacing: 170mm
HP Requirement: 65hp – 85hp
Seed Box Capacity: 616lt, 711lt or 819lt
Disc Size: 13″
Disc Type Double disc
Weight: 1,318kg – 1,618kg