Make: Erme
Model: Erme
Code: RE1


Machine carried by a 3-point linkage. It is hydraulically powered by a pump which is driven by the tractor’s power take-off. The lifting system is situated beside the tractor. The bulb is lifted by a blade and the leaves are grabbed between two belts. The garlic is carried to the topping system after passing through a vibrator, a second set of belts levels off the bulbs and two discs cut the leaves. A conveyor belt carries the bulbs to a container or sack. After being cut, the leaves fall on to the ground behind the machine. The machine is operated by one person, and it has setting systems allowing it to be adapted to various types of planting.

-1-row machine
-nominal speed : 4 km/h
-max load: 750kg
-loaded weight: 1500kg


Working Width:  From 2750 to 3500mm
HP Requirement:  60hp approx
Weight:  1280kg