Make: Erme
Model: Erme
Code: PLPD3/4/5


The machine is carried and can have from a 3 to 5 element beam, a single hopper, 2 drive wheels and a turbine. Each element is attached to the beam. It is made of: a chassis, a share, two suction discs, two distribution wheels, two depth setting wheels and an agitator. The bulblets are taken from the bottom of the hopper by the suction discs and are then sent to the distribution wheels which deposit the bulblets in the furrow. The plates are synchronised with the drive wheels. The bulblets are planted in a staggered way. The distance between bulblets is 9cm and the density can be adjusted by changing the spockets.

-Number of rows: 3 to 6
-1 single hopper: capacity 75kg per row
-Min distance between rows: 43cm
-Max distance between rows: 50cm
-Number of bulblets per meter: 14 to 32
-Nominal speed : 2.5 km/h
-Power take-off speed: 450 rpm


Working Width:  2200-2850mm
HP Requirement:  Minimum 80hp
Weight:  980-1400kg