Make: Agrator
Model: TR
Code: 160-230


Agrator TR series mulchers with front or rear linkage hook up. Gives the operator many options when it comes to cleaning up the farm. Suited for orchards and vineyards. This medium height body with a large rotor shutter anything in its way. Agrator can fit a large hammer to mulch 25mm-75mm timber or double or triple wire blades for mowing grasses and small shrubs. Available with stick breaks and rower and hydraulic side shift to get into those difficult areas. Working widths 1.6M, 1.95M, 2.3M.


Working Width:  1.6M-2.3M
HP Requirement:  60-90HPb
No Hammers:  12-16
No Blades/Spikes:  36-48
Weight:  532-740KG