Make: Serafin
Model: Linkage
Code: 6m or 8m


An economic way to enter the no-till disc seeder market.
Excellent model for bed or row crop farming.
Simple robust 4″ x 4″ x 9mm RHS frame.
CAT 3 or 4 quick hitch mount.
Available in 6m or 8m fixed width or 6m, 8m or 12m folding frames.
Using the excellent performing Baldan SB2013 20″ single disc row unit.
Enjoy trouble free sowing with great accuracy.

6m & 8m fixed has 24 rows
8m fixed has 32 rows
6m & 8m folding has 24 rows
8m folding has 32 rows


Rows:  24 – 32
Working Width:  6m – 8m
Disc Spacing:  230 – 380mm
HP Requirement:  220 – 350hp
Seed Box Capacity:  OPTIONAL
Disc Type: Single Disc
Weight:  4,000 – 6,500kg