Make: Ultisow
Model: S50


High quality frame folding down under 6m for transport.
40, 50 or 60 rows available.
Fitted with 20″ single disc units at 7 degree angle that are able to handle high trash loads and wet soils, 100 hour grease intervals and non-greaseable press wheel.
Proven in rocky soils, powder coated finish.
12 x 400/60 x 15.5 floatation tyres.
Manual hydraulic down pressure control of row units.

40 rows has 375mm disc spacing
50 rows has 300mm disc spacing
60 rows has 250mm disc spacing



Rows:  40, 50 or 60
Working Width:  15m (50ft)
Disc Spacing:  250 – 375mm
HP Requirement:  240 – 330hp
Seed Box Capacity:  OPTIONAL
Disc Size:  20″ x 6mm
Disc Type:  Single disc
Weight:  10,400 – 14,400kg